Who Are Nine874?

Nine874 is a collective of freelance designers, copywriters and coders all with many years experience in the creative industries, sharing knowledge and skills, with passion and expertise to burn. All working together to provide clients with a refreshing alternative to the traditional agency approach.

We design, we write, we develop, we work (hard) to deliver exactly what you are looking for. Creating striking offline and online material is our speciality. Whatever your line of work, there is someone with the skills and vision to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Freelancer Vs Agency

A growing number of clients prefer using a freelance graphic designer to using a design agency due to a few main benefits. The greatest benefit is that the work is delivered by a highly skilled and experienced freelancer. The work itself is the same quality as you’d expect from a large branding agency but, thanks to lower overheads, at a fraction of the price.

Perhaps the best aspect is the close relationship and thrust that’s built up by working directly and creating a strategy together fishing with the best possible results.


Collectively we have more than 50 years of agency experience in brand identity, creative direction, art direction, interior and exhibition design, photography and illustration, copywriting, graphic design for print and web design and we’ve designed for a very diverse range of client sectors including;

  • The Food and Drink Industry
  • Sports
  • Government & Charity Organisations
  • Legal
  • Finance, Recruitment and Insurance
  • Energy and Technology
  • Illustration
  • Public Events
  • Consumer Retail
  • Professional Services
Our Approach

We view every piece of work as an opportunity, a chance to do amazing work that will connect with it’s intended audience and to bring increased success and visibility to the client.

It’s simple: identify your strengths and weaknesses, get to know your culture, research your audience, your competition, and how you fit into your market.

Everything has to have a purpose, Every element of your design should be necessary, should have it’s own story and find it’s own happy ending.