The Case for Munterloney


Branding, Design for Print



Munterloney is a series of vibrant communities of great historic continuity, located along the south/south-central Sperrin Mountains. The Munterloney project banded these series of communities together to form a lobbying group, forging an identity to encourage investment in people and infrastructure after decades of neglect.


Utilizing strong regional photography, illustration/infographic and tight copy this document needed to inform not just the targets of the lobbying groups (local and national government, Civil Servants, potential business investment and other lobbying groups) but also the general public at large


Launched to great applause the document (and the association) and the ’cause’ have already made huge inroads into the regeneration of the Munterloney region.

The level of support that you have provided is just incredible, and so much appreciated by the entire Munterloney team!

Thank you so much!

" Anita McConnell, Chairperson"