Branding, Illustration



Munterloney is a series of vibrant communities of great historic continuity, located along the south/south-central Sperrin Mountains. The Munterloney project banded these series of communities together to form a lobbying group, forging an identity to encourage investment in people and infrastructure after decades of neglect.


Munterloney, an old geographical reference to sits on the peripheries of three different Council areas, Health Trusts and Education Boards has suffered greatly from under-investment, we honed in on an image found throughout the region and beyond. Like the lobbying group, it is strong, determined, grow together and defends itself and its home.


The Gorse illustration represents the strength of the people in the region, their community spirit, like the ‘Whin bush’, has thrived in adversity. Growing and flourishing where others fail.

The level of support that you have provided is just incredible, and so much appreciated by the entire Munterloney team!

Thank you so much!

"Anita McConnell, Chairperson"