The Last Supper


Photography, Social Marketing



The Mission Control


As a collaborator with The Mission Control Communications I’m in the lucky position to be a part of an incredible studio and team. The idea for this self promotion piece came about from my view across the studio and this amazing table. Every piece of work passes across it. Every comment and idea flows over it. Every client, friend and visitor takes a seat around it. What better possible focus point could their be to visually describe The Mission?


At the table, we’re all equals. What’s said at the table stays at the table. It’s an open forum that invites debate and questions thinking. It’s been the Launchpad for global brands and international campaigns. We’ve laughed and cried around it. We’ve planned, created and celebrated around it. We’ve redefined markets and initiated global trends around it. We’ve bucked convention and set a path that many now follow. We’ve shaped government and bridged seemingly impossible challenges. Now however, it’s the centrepiece for a little self-indulgence and some fun.


Da Vinci’s Last Super – Or as we’re calling this shoot, The Last Cliché as the work we do in the real world can never be clichéd. Therefore we’re keeping this cliché where it belongs, as a bit of fun around the table in the studio that brings us all together and let’s some of the newer members of the team experiment with the many tools of our trade.